Dış Ticaret


Company Executive: Nurettin Ünlü (General Manager)

Şirket Adresi: Saray Mh. Ahmet Tevfik İleri Cd. No:16 Ümraniye 34768 İstanbul / Turkey

The foundations of Sahara Group Logistics Company, one of Turkey’s leading companies, have been laid in 1983. It has aimed the best at home and abroad in forwarding service based on long years. The company has proven its success in the field of import and export with its history of more than 40 years. Sahra Group has become
a leading brand in the world with the spirit of collective development and change. Sahra Cargo realized 90
% of its exports and imports with Libya. It has succeeded in providing quality and reliable delivery service in domestic and foreign trade volume. It creates its solutions and projects on solid foundations with its qualified team. Quality and timely delivery in cargo and transportation are factors that strengthen customer satisfaction. Since the day it was founded, Sahra Group has continued its efforts to strengthen the main lines of customer satisfaction. It has developed in every field by targeting quality inside and outside the country. The company continued on her way with the team, always ensuring the satisfaction of customer potential and existing customers. Sahra Group aims to develop its domestic and foreign trade volume within the framework of quality framework. It aims to present the steps it has taken to the world market, especially in Europe. It is aimed to spread the quality and reliable logistics service in all areas of the world.